Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A possible 'Mega' Norfolk day

We booked the week off and then realised its school half term, so we have decided to stay close to home and try to tidy the house up a bit more. Yesterday in the search of DIY supplies we headed out to Wroxham, going via Tunstead in a bid to avoid a convoy of caravan. It was about 11.30 and close to Wroxham a raptor caught my eye. Circling high it looked strange and I could not pin its ID down, with its wings showing large finger like protrusions and the size of a Buzzard I ended up plumping for a 'strange looking buzzard'. Frustratingly I now learn that a reported Booted Eagle was floating about Norfolk at the time, in hindsight maybe we should have stopped and checked, it may still have been 'strange Buzzard'.

Gary also called to let me know of the Slenderbilled Gull at Titchwell, we had planned to send part of this week in the Holme/Titchwell area before realising that it was school holidays. Another if but and maybe for the day.

Typing this I have just read news of a Black-headed Bunting in Cromer yesterday, with access to be arranged today, if the bird remains. After the night of wind and rain, I can only hope it is drenched and could fly off. Yesterday could have been a Mega Norfolk Day.

On a brighter note our Blue Tit family are about to fledge, and we have at least 6 young Robin and 4 young Blackbird also in the garden.

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