Monday, 31 May 2010

Trumpeter Finch @ Cley

Having laid in after yesterdays mammoth birdwatch, Laura and i went to Hemsby, as i had an urge to spend my large pot of coppers and fancied some doughnuts. Arriving home Gary called " have you seen it!.....seen WHAT?". He had been trying to call most of the afternoon to tell me about the Trumpeter Finch at Cley. Planning to go first thing tomorrow Laura then suggested going there and then, 40 minutes later i was standing on the East Bank. After a bit of a wait the Trumpeter Finch was eventually located again on the shingle ridge. We then got some great views as the bird feed on the bank, a stunning pink male, lit by the low sun. Another Year tick, Norfolk tick and Life tick! Walking back we watched Bearded Tits, a Cuckoo, Marsh Harriers and a Barn Owl all flying over the reedbed. An altogether enjoyable evening.

Bird Race Day, 30th May

Gary, James and myself got up extra early for this years May Bank Holiday bird race day. A day in which the 3 of us hare about Norfolk trying to tick off as many birds as possible. Last year we managed 113 plus 4 heard, not a bad total. With an earlier start we hoped for a bigger list, but waking up to a very windy, drizzly morning and ecountering some very heavy thunder storms we had our work cut out. Check out where we went and what we saw at We managed to beat last year with a total of 115 plus 3 heard (Gary totaled 117 seeing 2 bird i missed!).

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Whitlingham CP

With the hot, still weather keeping the migrants away and a lunch date to keep Laura and i kept it local with a brief trip to Whitlingham. Parking near the East-end of the Great Broad, we walked around to the conservation area and back. Scanning Thorpe Station Marsh i picked out a single LRP and a gull that looked a good candidate for Yellow-legged Gull, but due to the distance couldn't be 100%. By the conservation area i picked up my 110th patch year tick with a Garden Warbler. Cetti's Warbler, Reed Bunting and Blackcap being the other notable birds.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Wheatears In The Mist - Blog Launch

I have finally give in and started up a blog page, it will run alongside my main website

This blog will feature the highlights from the 'Diary' pages of my main website. Follow my birding activities here or follow the link to my main site featuring:
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and many more pages of photos and information.