Patch Birding - Whitlingham

Not strictly a single patch, more patchwork. A group of small areas, with public access around the River Yare on the eastern edge of Norwich, that i try to walk on a relatively regular basis.

1- Rosary Cemetery 2- Lion's Wood 3- Carey's Meadow 4- Thorpe Station Marsh 5- Whitlingham Country Park 6 - Whitlingham Marsh 7- Trowse Water Meadow

Life Total: 145
2013 Total: 96
Species Date Location
Peregrine 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Blackbird 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Pink-footed Goose 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Feral Pigeon 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Pied Wagtail 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Magpie 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Black-headed Gull 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Herring Gull 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Jackdaw 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Mute Swan 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Moorhen 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Fieldfare 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Dunnock 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Wood Pigeon 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Carrion Crow 16/01/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Waxwing 16/01/2013 Whitlingham Lane
Mallard 16/01/2013 Little Broad Area
Great Tit 16/01/2013 Little Broad Area
Robin 16/01/2013 Little Broad Area
Blue Tit 16/01/2013 Little Broad Area
Coot 16/01/2013 Little Broad Area
Egyptian Goose 16/01/2013 Little Broad
Gadwall 16/01/2013 Little Broad
Mealy Redpoll 16/01/2013 Nr Little Broad
Lesser Redpoll 16/01/2013 Nr Little Broad
Goldfinch 16/01/2013 Nr Little Broad
Siskin  16/01/2013 Nr Little Broad
Tufted Duck 16/01/2013 Little Broad Area
Greylag Goose 16/01/2013 Little Broad Area
Wren 16/01/2013 Nr Little Broad
Canada Goose 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Long-tailed Tit 16/01/2013 Nr Great Broad
Common Gull 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Lesser Black-backed Gull 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Great Black-backed Gull 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Great Crested Grebe 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Cormorant 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Mistle Thrush 16/01/2013 Nr Flint Barn
Pochard 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Snipe 16/01/2013 Nr Great Broad
Grey Heron 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Teal 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Chaffinch 16/01/2013 Nr Great Broad
Wigeon 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Collarded Dove 16/01/2013 Nr Great Broad
Grey Wagtail 16/01/2013 Nr River
Bullfinch 16/01/2013 Nr Great Broad
Goldeneye 16/01/2013 Great Broad
Jay 04/03/2013 Whitlingham Lane
Greenfinch 04/03/2013 Whitlingham Lane
Redwing 04/03/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Pheasent 04/03/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Stock Dove 04/03/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Rook 04/03/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Treecreeper 04/03/2013 Nr Little Broad
Marsh Tit 04/03/2013 Nr Flint Barn
Linnet 04/03/2013 Nr Whitlingham Woods
Green Woodpecker 04/03/2013 Whitlingham Lane
Redshank 04/03/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Oystercatcher 04/03/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Lapwing 04/03/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
House Sparrow 05/04/2013 Nr Sewage Works
Starling 05/04/2013 Nr Sewage Works
Song Thrush  05/04/2013 Nr Sewage Works
Marsh Harrier 05/04/2013 Whitlingham Marsh
Red-legged Partridge 05/04/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Skylark 05/04/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Reed Bunting 05/04/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Shoveler 05/04/2013 Great Broad
Blackcap 05/04/2013 Nr River
Green Sandpiper 05/04/2013 Nr Great Broad
Water Rail 05/04/2013 Nr Great Broad
Coal Tit 05/04/2013 Nr Flint Barn
Sparrowhawk 05/04/2013 Whitlingham Lane
Chiffchaff 15/04/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Kingfisher 15/04/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Willow Warbler 15/04/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Swallow 15/04/2013 Trowse Water Meadow
Kestrel 15/04/2013 Whitlingham Lane
Cetti's Warbler 15/04/2013 Nr Little Broad
Buzzard 15/04/2013 Over Thorpe
Little Grebe 15/04/2013 Great Broad
Goldcrest 15/04/2013 Whitlingham Woods
Little Ringed Plover 15/04/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Sedge Warbler 15/04/2013 Nr Great Broad
House Martin 17/06/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Garden Warbler 17/06/2013 Carey's Meadow
Grasshopper Warbler 17/06/2013 Carey's Meadow
Little Egret 17/06/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Whitethroat 17/06/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Reed Warbler 17/06/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Sand Martin 17/06/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Swift 17/06/2013 Thorpe Station Marsh
Little Owl 08/07/2013 Nr Sewage Works
Common Tern 08/07/2013 Great Broad
Great Spotted Woodpecker 08/07/2013 Whitlingham Lane
Probably my last year with Whitlingham as my patch, i seem to visit less frequently and it is now often too busy.
2012 Patch List
Total: 81
Yellow-legged Gull 25/01/2012 Great Broad
Brent Goose 11/02/2012 Great Broad
Avocet 13/03/2012 Thorpe Station Marsh
Caspian Gull 03/04/2012 Great Broad
Firecrest 03/04/2012 Whitlingham Woods
2011 Patch List
Total: 99
Spotted Flycatcher 05/06/2011 Nr Ruins
Greenshank 10/08/2012 Thorpe Station Marsh
Brambling 11/10/2011 Nr Little Broad
Short-eared Owl 01/11/2011 Thorpe Station Marsh
2010 Patch List
Total: 118
Jack Snipe 04/01/2010 Nr Great Broad
Shag 04/01/2011 Great Broad
Great Northern Diver 04/01/2010 Great Broad
Ruddy Duck 04/01/2010 Great Broad
Red-necked Grebe 17/01/2010 Great Broad
Slavonian Grebe 20/01/2010 Great Broad
Ring-necked Duck 05/02/2010 Great Broad
Mandarin Duck 16/03/2010 Great Broad
Baracle Goose 24/04/2010 Great Broad
Black Tern 08/09/2010 Great Broad x4

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