Thursday, 20 April 2017

Finally some Migrants

News of a Hoopoe on the edge of my patch was to good to ignore, so this morning dad and I headed for Mundesley cliffs. No sign of the Hoopoe, I suspect the news was released late with the bird in a private garden. Lots of other migrants were about finally making it seem like spring.

First walking towards the village it was clear hindrines were on the move we had over 30 Swallow, 6 House Martin and 2 Sand Martin all passing north. Checking the paddocks I spotted 6 Wheatear and while counting them a Short eared Owl got up out of the long grass just a few feet away. We continued up to the lifeboat shed with a large flock of Linnet, numerous Skylark and  small group of Meadow Pipit flitting about. Back towards the gas terminal I heard a Ring Ouzel and eventually located two on the cliff face. Another 7 Wheatear were in the fields and a Tree Pipit flew over. Walking back to the car 2 or 3 Whitethroat called from the brambles. Back at my parents a Willow Warbler seemed out of place in the two small rose bushes in their front garden.

Stopping get off at dad's allotment for some greens on my way home I found the two best birds of the day, a pair of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker perched above the car before flying off calling to each other.

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