Saturday, 24 November 2012

Disappointed and Suprised

Each morning last week i had the pleasure of watching the Waxwing frequenting the Rupert Street area while walking to work, with up to 14 birds present. On Saturday morning (17th) however the birds had gone, and have not returned since. That was not the only disappointment of the day as a text from Gary alerted me to the juvenile Surf Scoter drifting west of Sheringham, being at work i couldn't get to the coast unit Monday. Getting home that evening i was aware of the Rose coloured Starling at Northrepps. Fast forward to Monday and both birds had gone, and with drizzly weather i ventured no further than to collect the broken feeders, demolished by a squirrel in the garden.

On Friday however after locking the front door to walk to work a Peregine flew over the house, no doubt one of the cathedrel birds, foraging further afield than normal. Walking to work on Saturday morning i got my second suprise of the week, i watched two Blue Tit poping in and out of a cavity in a wall, each time with food in their beaks, i assume feeding young! I then found a rather cold looking Angle Shade Moth on a fence, my second unseasonal sighting of the morning.

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