Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thrushes . . . In The Wood

On Tuesday we may have stayed local, in Trimingham Clifftop Wood rather than further North, but the result was the same. From the persistent thick mist, again Thrushes dropped from the sky. The numbers were lower than Monday but still quite a sight.

Redwing - 2300, Fieldfare - 450, Ring Ouzel - 11, Song Thrush - 37, Black Bird - 110, Robin - 65, Goldcrest - 80, Brambing - 80, Siskin - 2, Chiffchaff - 12 and Woodcock - 2.

Bird of the day was a Short-eared Owl my first of the autumn. We also heard a Yellow-browed Warbler in the Wood but with the fog so thick that we couldn't view the tree tops most of the day, it alluded us. Dispite spending over 6 hours in this small area we couldn't turn up anything rarer.

News of the Arctic Warbler at Brancaster on Wednesday being found after lunch was a little frustrating as i had already committed to doing other things. With the Olive Backed Pipit still at Holkham would have also made a nice trip out, autumn isn't over quite yet!

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