Monday, 1 October 2012

Late September Moths

I ran the moth trap over night on Saturday, and was rather disappointed to find only 4 moths waiting for me on Sunday morning. 1x Angle Shades, 1x Lesser Yellow-underwing and 2 x Large Ranunculus. The later being a new moth for the garden. Being relatively new to moth trapping I am yet to understand the best conditions and what to expect throughout the year. I can only assume the clearing skies, almost full moon and cool night conspired against me.

On Sunday night it was much cloudier and a with a bit of a breeze i was more hopeful. I only ran the trap 7.15-10.30pm when the wind picked up and rain threatened. I still managed a more respectable 11 moths. Including 2x Common Marbled Carpet, (new to the garden), 6x Lesser Yellow-underwing, 1x Large Yellow-underwing and a slightly late Willow Beauty.

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