Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A New Toy

With Laura ear marking some of our wedding money to buy kitchen stuff, i thought we should buy something more to my liking so ordered and duly received a moth trap last week.

Being a kid with a new toy the following night after purchasing a new extension lead i had the trap up and running, straight away i made my first error. I turn the trap on before dark so i could watch the football, but this seemed to attract lots of aphids and flies. I only ran the trap about 3 hours as i wasn't sure if it would rain, but picking through the flies i had a reasonable haul. A few days later i put the trap out again this time only for a few hours between some light drizzle, and although not hopeful still caught a few things.

27th June 2012 21:00-24:00

Heart and Dart x 5
Codling 10 +
Peppered Moth (int) x 1
Yellow Eggshell x 1
Large Yellow-under wing x 3
Flame x 3
Garden Carpet x 1
Various micros

1st July 2012 21:30-23.15

Hebrew Character x 5
Flame x 1
Snout x 1
Riband Wave (Dark non-banded) x 1
Various micros

Hopefully I'll get the trap out regularly and build up a garden list, the micros are a step to far at the moment, but i might have a dabble soon.

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