Thursday, 8 July 2010

White-tailed Plover and M25 Traffic

Having spent the morning moving boxes in preparation for moving house, i was planing to relax during the afternoon. Then Gary text, he was going to Rainham Marshes RSPB and did i want a lift, well YES i did. Fighting through rush hour traffic carry collected Laura and i from Thickthorn Services at 5.20pm, by 7.30 we were at Junction 30/31 of the M25 and 3 miles from Rainham. We then took 1hour 30minutes to get around the roundabout and down towards the reserve, with the reserve closing at dusk time was tight. We rushed around to the back of the reserve and soon were looking at the White-tailed Plover. It was on the back of Aveley Pool and showed white well, preening and lifting its wings showing its distinctive white tail and yellow legs. With the light fading we didn't really look at any other birds on the reserve but atleast 6 Grey Heron were roosting on the pool and large number of young Coot were present.

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  1. Pleased you saw the plover. Could only have gone Thursday. Still it is Norfolk ticks like the river warbler that really matter.

    Roadworks near London
    On Thursday I left the M25 to avoid the roadworks on the north west part and used the London North Circular Road instead. Roadworks and queue a few miles west of the M11. Should I have taken the A1? No more roadworks there. All these roadworks in advance of the 2012 Olympics: which is at the south end of the M11.