Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Norfolk River Warbler

Signing into Birdguides to read of the Buff-breasted Sandpiper showing at Titchwell again frustrated me, but that was short lived as scrolling down i read 'MEGA River Warbler SE of Norwich.....details to follow'. For the rest of the day i was checking Birdguides, ringing and texting. The news broke Thorpe-next-Haddiscoe was the place to be. At 6.30 Laura, James and myself set off, a Buzzard of the way seemed of little importance. I've never been to such an organised twitch, sign posts (RIVER WARBLER ---->) guided us off the main road and down back roads, a carpark was set up, we paid our £2 and followed the arrows painted on the grass to the viewing area. We had to wait a while but then the River Warbler sang, a distinctive song like no other bird I've heard. We eventually moved as we couldn't see the bird. The bird skulked in a Alder so views were limited, and a mass of heads often blocked my view. An elderly lady birder then allowed me good views, fighting the corner of the short birder and clearing an area of 'giants'. A nice evening with lots of friendly faces to chat to, a lovely sunset, and Barn Owl and Marsh Harrier hunting over the marshes.

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