Thursday, 31 May 2018

Late May Update

Since my last last update on the 8th I haven't been out birding much in Norfolk, the main reason being a weeks family holiday to Cornwall. It looks like i missed out on the influx of Black Tern and a few later migrants but I may get a chance to see a few if they linger before heading to Wales for a few days and a family wedding.

With the influx of Black Redstart on the coast it wasn't a massive surprise to find one singing in Norwich City Center. What was a surprise was i was sitting on the canteen terrace at work when I heard and then saw the Black Redstart in 10th. In fact at least two and probably 3 males have been singing in the city over the last month, and before seeing the Black Redstart at John Lewis (work), I had looked for another just of Rose Lane that morning. Since then the 'John Lewis' bird I have seen 3 times and heard most days until 16th, also heard the 'Rose Lane' bird on 11th and since returning from Cornwall see the 'Castle Meadow' bird 3 times.

Continuing on the bird watching on route to work note on the 11th I heard a singing Cetti's Warbler near to Cow Tower and also watched the Peregrine hunting over the playing fields. Lost of large fish, bream? were also feeding under the willows along Riverside walk. Today 31st a Yellow-legged Gull was another surprise being near New Mills Yard by the sluices, my 100th bird seen on route to work.

While in Cornwall we were blessed with delightful weather and although not a bird watching trip, and with no rare birds arriving while i was there I was lucky enough to catch up with a few special birds. The biggest piece of luck came while travelling down to Cornwall. The (out of date) Sat Nav plotted us a bizarre route around Salisbury Plain, after I asked it to avoid a particular road closure (it turns out the road wasn't even closed), and while on this detour of small lanes that we chanced upon a Great Bustard, although obviously part of the reintroduction scheme, a bird I never imagined we would see.

Staying not far from Truro we visited The Lizard on the 18th and saw my only 'target' bird of the trip a Chough, we also saw two Turtle Dove for the year list as well as Razorbill, Shag and other resident birds. On the 23rd I added my first new 'Pub List Bird' for a few years with a Whimbrel from The Ship Inn in Devoran. (I must try harder to visit a few pubs while on my bird watching trips). A singing Wood Warbler withing the gated holiday complex we stayed at on the 24th was very unexpected. After missing the Mousehold bird I wasn't expecting to catch up with one until my South Wales visit.

On Tuesday 29th after visiting the opticians and waiting in for a delivery I found myself with a few hours to kill so decided on a trip to Potter Heigham Marshes (I also bought a new strimmer in Latham's). It was rather blustery but still I found lots of waders many with chicks and other water fowl on the pools. Pick of the bunch were two Curlew Sandpiper, two Common Sandpiper and a Greenshank, c30Black-tailed Godwit, 9 Dunlin and 1 Grey Plover were also of note. A Great White Egret flew over and a pair of Pochard with 2 chicks were an unusual sight.

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