Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rare bird or Knot...

....I'm not going to Yarmouth 3 days in a row. On Monday morning news broke that a Great Knot had been found at Breydon Water the night before. Although I was off work it was rather frustrating as I had been in Yarmouth on the Sunday and had already planned a walk around Breydon on Tuesday. The question was do I visit Yarmouth 3 days in a row, with a few jobs to do and the only feasible way to get there involving two trains, I decided to risk it and wait until Tuesday.
My risk paid off, dad dropped me near ASDA at 9.00am before taking mum onto the hospital. By 9.15am I had distant views of the Great Knot which gradually edged closer. By 10.15am the bird had flown in to a distance of c200m, joined the roosting Godwit as the rising tide forced the birds off the mud. By 10.45am I had had my fill of Great Knot and was chomping on a bacon butty in ASDA. The light was poor for photos so I only managed a grainy record shot of the bird among the Godwit, honestly its in there somewhere, a Curlew Sandpiper was also on show.

Gary called me after work on Saturday to ask if i wanted to join him on an evening trip to Winterton with a report that the Northumberland Bridled Tern had the previous night roosted with the Little Tern. A third 'Mega' in Norfolk in less than a week seemed too good to be true (a Black-winged Pratincole was in North Norfolk) and so it turned out. Meeting a group of birders on the beach at Winterton as the sun began to set the stories of the previous day/night unraveled slightly and the now 'probable' Bridled Tern had not roosted but been seen distantly offshore, the presence of a juv. Black Tern in the area also complicated matters. Still on what was a very warm evening (still 22C at 9.45pm) we did get to see a lovely sunset before the thunder and lightning storm we got on our return home.

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