Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wheatears in the mist. . . not today!

I had to wait in for the boiler repair man until 10.30am so couldn't get out early, and anyway a cold mist hung over everything when i got up. While waiting i dug over a small area of my garden and was followed along by a Robin, a Chiffchaff briefly gave a burst of song from the tree in the garden, the first new garden bird in a while.

Last week i gave my bike a once over, so today pulled it out of the shed. I decided I head out via Felmingham Heath, circle round via the Quiet lanes near Bradfield and head for Mundesley and Paston, hoping the morning mist may have grounded a few migrants. The mist looked like it would soon burn off, but as i got to Felmingham it seemed colder and duller than ever. The Heath held lots of Chiffchaff and i saw 2 Willow Warbler, a calling Blackcap was my first of the year but i could not see it, but that was about it even the tits and finches normally abundant seemed subdued.

Cycling off the Heath i noticed i had a puncture, so headed straight home along Weavers Way my Misty Wheatears would have to wait. On the way back I did stumble upon some migrants though in the form of 22 Fieldfare on the edge of North Walsham. Back at home while putting the bike away (I decided I didn't have the patience to repair the puncture), I scored my second garden bird of the day as a calling Mistle Thrush flew over the garden. I dug a bit more garden, before routing about in the pond trying to clear the pump, in the process I discovered we have Smooth Newts another new specie in the garden.

On Monday I noticed James' Blog reported a Black Redstart nr Bracondale in Norwich, so scurried off during my break to locate it. Initially I thought the bird had gone, but it appeared from over the roof top closely chased by a Blackbird. The Black Redstart briefly took refuge in the trees before returning, sadly I couldn't stay long as I was only meant to be having a 30min break!

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