Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Yellow-rumped Warbler and another trip North

On Saturday, in the teeth of a gale Gary and I headed north to catch up with the Yellow-rumped Warbler in near Durham. Leaving North Walsham just after 4am, dodging a few fallen trees we arrived around 9am.

We didn't have to wait long with great views of the Yellow-rumped Warbler as it done a few circuits of the hedge and nearby gardens. We waited around to try to get better photos as the light was poor but the bird became more reclusive as other birds started to use the feeders.

We headed off to Langdon Beck to hunt for Black Grouse. In places the snow was lying quite deep and drifted across the road in places. Driving through to St John's Chapel we failed to see anything. Surprisingly as it was snowing on the drive back towards Langdon Beck we found 8-10 Red Grouse, and on a pasture close to Langdon Beck Hotel we found 13 Black Grouse. We went off to look at a nearby reservoir, saw nothing and nearly got stuck in the snow. Back by the Hotel I then spotted a Black Grouse in a tree close to the road side, Gary told me i had seen a bin bag or some rubbish, he still reversed and we had crippling views of a male Black Grouse eating berries. The car had not enjoyed the adventure as much as us, with the steering rack caked in ice and the brakes frozen, we had to have a pit stop to defrost the car before heading home.

On Sunday Laura and I headed out to buy a few bits for the house, and while out we saw 2 Common Crane at Potter Heigham, and Whooper and Bewick's Swan at Ludham. On Monday i forgot to look for the Waxwing on Ber Street in Norwich, but writing this i can see the lone Waxwing in the apple tree opposite work. Apologies for another rambling post hopefully i'll get the formatting sorted soon!

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