Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Another Rare Thrush & Yorkshire Holiday

On Saturday 18th Gary collected me mid afternoon and we headed off for Kent and a female Dusky Thrush. Arriving at Margate Cemetery we soon found ourselves viewing the bird perched up in a sycamore. Luckily i had a clear view through the recently emerged leaves. The bird then spent a while feeding in the open and perched in a pine offering crippling views at times. My second rare thrush of the Spring, not to wish away the summer but some rare autumn thrushes would be nice. As we left a stream of Ring-necked Parakeets started to flow into the cemetery to roost including a group of 25+.

On Tuesday 21st Laura and i called into Bempton Cliffs RSPB on route to Whitby. A strong Northerly wind blew up the cliff face and wasn't pleasant. We managed to pick out all the usual seabirds including Puffin, always a great bird to see, and watched the good numbers of Tree Sparrow by the Visitor Center, before having our sandwiches and continuing north. Staying in Whitby for 3 days it was nice to see Fulmer nesting on the cliff but the strong winds meant i didn't spend too long on the cliff top. A brief drive through the moors after riding on the North York Moors Railway proved rewarding with Red Grouse, Golden Plover and Merlin on the 23rd. A wet day in York offered no bird life but this wasn't meant to be a birding holiday. Before coming home we spent 2 days around Leeds, staying with friends. 10 Red Kite north of the city and a Sparrowhawk in the Garden added to my relatively small holiday list.

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