Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rufous Tailed Rock Thrush

Meeting Gary for lunch during my Breydon walk meant i was aware of the Rock Thrush that had been found earlier that day in Kilnsea on Spurn. Gary had meetings that afternoon and the forecast looked good for the bird to head off overnight. Friday Morning however the bird was still there and after rearranging a meeting Gary picked me up just after 10am for a whistle stop trip to Yorkshire. The traffic wasn't too bad and we arrived a little after 2pm. Initially the bird couldn't be located but was soon re-found in its favored area. We watched the bird for about an hour at times it came quite close, before some people got too close and if flew back to a post at the back of the paddock, annoyingly each time before i had managed a photo. A nice bird to see a shame about the morons that wanted to pounce on it. Just before we left i quickly popped into a nearby hide to look at a Long-eared Owl perched up in the hedge, before we dashed back home.

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