Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Garden Watch & Marston Marshes

The RSPB Garden Bird Watch was over the weekend, but i was at work so i decided i would watch the garden on Monday morning. During the hour i recorded the following max counts.
Goldfinch x21 Greenfinch x6 Chaffinch x 7 Woodpigeon x3 Collared Dove x2 Feral Pigeon x2 Starling x6 Blackbird x9 Song Thrush x1 Common Gull x1 Black-headed Gull x3 Sparrowhawk x1 Coal Tit x2 Blue Tit x3 Great Tit x1 Carrion Crow x1 Magpie x1 Dunnock x1 Robin x1 Wren x1
The mixed flock of finches was the biggest i've recoreded in the garden with Goldfinch and Greenfinch numbers both the highest recorded. Apart from that nothing extra ordinary was seen.
On Tuesday I didn't plan to go for a walk but sitting indoors with a head ache i decided some air might help. I walked along Unthank Road, through Eaton and around Marston Marsh. I had only walked 100m down the road and i picked out a Brambling with a mixed flock of finches in some Beech trees, i'll check the flock next time its in the garden. Near Waitrose a small group of Redwing were perched up and Long-tailed Tits flitted in the gardens. The hedge and feeders by the golf club held loads of birds, House Sparrow, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Robin, Dunnock and best of all 2 Hedge Sparrow. A Treecreeper was in an area of wet wood near the main gate and 3 jay flew along the fence line. I had a nice long chat with the warden who was having lunch with a group of volenteers clearing scrub. I found little else until a Little Egret flew from a dyke and into a tree oppisite Keswick Mill, probable the same bird i saw at Whitlingham last week. Eaton Marsh was very quiet, with a single Mistle Thrush hardly worth noting. Back at home a Cormorant flew over the garden i'll need to check if thats a garden tick!
I did also find this strange fungus, i can't ID it any ideas (James)?

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