Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Semi-palmated Sandpiper for Lunch

About 10am this morning Gary text me to find our when i was next free, which translates as there's a rare bird about we need to go look for. Well the reply text was 'I'm free now' and at 11.15 Gary was on my door-step in full suit and tie. Having driven over from Great Yarmouth this was his extended Lunch hour. Parking off Old Womans Lane at Cley we where soon in the main hides looking through waders. It didn't take long to locate the Semi-palmated Sandpiper in with the Dunlin. A life tick or both Gary and myself, and in Norfolk to boot. In recent years this bird has been on our radar for a twitch but has always been just a bit to far or at the wrong time. Having not removed his tie Gary was back at work by 2pm and i was back at home.

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