Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Quiet Month for Me

I haven't posted for nearly a month because well i haven't seen much, i had no luck with the Great Snipe, found few migrants, should have gone to look for the Broad-billed Sandpiper, Rosefinch and Bonaparte's Gull but didn't and yesterday i should have gone to see the White-throated Robin, but again work got in the way. I have managed to drag myself a few times but single trips to Cley, Salthouse and Whitlingham has been the limit of my birding adventures. A trip to Cley on the 13th May was probably the month's highlight. Although the Great Snipe was not showing i still saw the Lesser Yellow-legs, Temminck Stint, Wood Sandpiper on the pools, before finding a male Ring Ouzel along the back roads. A trip to Salthouse with Gary was rather windswept on the 15th. We walked the shingle and then the middle track before endulging in some 'Pub Bird Watching' A male Whinchat was probably the highlight on the track with a few Wheatear on the shingle and Whimbrel over from the pub. My net trip out wasn't then until the 5th June to Whitlingham. Being the end of half-term it was rather busy with boats and canoes every where. I soon found a pair of Spotted Flycatcher not far from were James had advised me to look but failed to connect with either of the two Cuckoo he had seen the previous day. A Garden warbler at the east end of the Great Broad was the only other bird of note, but Damselflies were everywhere along with a few dragonflies darting about. Walking down Magdalen Street it was nice to see a male Peregrine bombing over a rooftop level, if still a bit unexpected.

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  1. "A Garden Warbler was the only other bird of note" - What about the Willow Tit I've just noticed on BUBO?! I've never seen one at Whitlingham!