Monday, 2 August 2010

.....and relax!

Tomorrow will be the final big push with the house move, so today Laura and i decided to relax and not shift boxes. We first headed for Holt, where we wandered around the shops for a bit. Shocked at the price of a Pork Pie in the town, we headed to the visitor centre at Cley for a bite to eat. On the way we drove around the back lanes of Salthouse without any sign of the Hooded Crow or any birders looking for it! From the Visitor Centre i could see 1 Gargany, 3 Marsh Harriers, 5+ Spoonbill and the Black Swan as well as numerous waders, while tucking into a lovely jacket potato. We decided not to walk the reserve but a scan of the Eye Field and surrounding area failed to turn up the Hooded Crow here either. Heading for Sheringham, again via Salthouse's back roads, we were lucky to find another birder who was watching the Hooded Crow, a 'Norfolk Tick' for me. An ice cream at Sheringham was well received, before calling in on my parents, and stopping at a garden centre to buy a new feeding station and feeders for the new house. As i write this news has broken of 4 (yes FOUR!) nesting pair of Spoonbill at Holkham, raising at least six young, these wonderful birds are a welcome addition to N Norfolk, a bird i never tire of seeing.


  1. Where did you see the Garganey? I was at Cley 11.30-3 and I didn't see any on the closer pools. There was an eclipse bird on North Scrape but it wouldn't be viewable from the visitors centre.

  2. There was a single elipse bird on the pool that is left of Bishop's hide, not sure you can see all the pool from Bishop's hide, due to it's reedy margins. We were there 12.00-1.00ish.