Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cley Again.

What was going to be a relaxing day, before traveling to Kent tomorrow, started as planned. Laura and i first walked around Carey's Meadow in Norwich looking for Bee Orchids and Early Marsh Orchids, but none are yet out. We then had a nice lunch at The Village Inn, Little Melton before an after lunch stroll around Sparham Pools NWT. Here we saw the nesting Common Terns and Littlr Ringed Plover on the island, a Grey Wagtail, Spotteded Flycatcher and various other small birds many with young fledglings. We then also watched a pair of Grey Wagtails from the bridge. A short walk around Sweet Briar Marshes also failed to produce any Orchids or Dragonflies. Returning home i heard of a Marsh Warbler at Gambrough Hill, so after grabbing a few holiday vitals in town, it was back to Cley. We arrived in Salthouse beach car park and headed to the hill. Meeting Gary with other birders we soon located the Marsh Warbler, but had to wait a while for good views. My second lifer in the area within days. We then quickly stopped near Cley Coastguards to view a Red-backed Shrike, which sat nicely on a gate post close to the car. A Med. Gull flew east over the West Bank. We decided not to visit Walsey Hills where an on off Nightingale/Thrush Nightingale debate has gone on all day, they probably just want my money!

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